break time

I got the achievement What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been and got my Barney colored 310% flyer...and haven't logged in to thte game since.

So, maybe this is the way it will be. I went ahead and canceled the auto-billing feature on my account and it will expire on the 6th of October. Unless I really start to miss it, which hasn't happened yet, I will be taking a break. I may come back to play Cataclysm or if the Winter boredom sets in.

It's time for a break. That's really all I have to post.


at the crossroads

...not the one in the Barrens.

I'm at a crossroads in the game. I just don't know what I want to do with my playtime. I have been playing a little undead priest to see what it's like to a) not be a Tauren b) play a clothie. I have not been playing on Vashj. I'm back in school and working 40+ hours a week at my real job, raising a family and trying to spend time with family and friends.

So, what that really means is I cannot dedicate myself to progression raiding or anything more than casual raiding really. I do enjoy running dungeons and heroic dungeons as well. The problem is Limited Warranty rarely has enough people on to do them without PUGging them and I really dislike PUGging unless I am really desperate. So, most days I just do a few dailies and run a few BGs or log on to the baby priest to have a little fun.

I have been talking with Greatjohn after he transferred to Bound on Staghelm and have explored the possibility of transferring over there to help be a support player for their progression raiding guild. Things like farming mats, running alts through dungeons and filling on raids that they are no longer doing on progression nights. I'm not sur ethis is what I want to do yet, but I have made some inquiries.

The other option is just quitting for a while and see if my interest gets renewed when Cataclysm comes around. I know I probably sound like a broken record and I have said much of this in the past, but it hasn't really gotten any better. Who the hell knows what I will do, I'm actually kinda confused and frustrated by my current play time.


thought on RP...

I don't think I could actually get into full RP play - or be on an RP realm that enforced any of the 'rules', but I guess I do RP in my own way. What I mean by that is this, each of my toons has a little bit of backstory that I keep in my head. I know that it causes them to behave in certain ways, that are different based on which one I am playing.

I have not gone into the deep details of each one, just a basic idea of there individual personalities. I have no real idea who they are descended from, of whether they have brothers or sisters, none of that type of thing. I mostly play Taurens and I kinda view them as more identifying with the tribe than with a specific mother/father unit. I usually associate them with the Stonehoof tribe, mostly just because not a lot is written about them and there is nothing terribly special about my toons backgrounds.

Okole - a Shaman, is very much like the weather. He is specced for Resto and Elemental. As Resto he is a healing presence, but it doesn't come naturally. I feel kinda chaotic when I'm healing with him. As Elemental, he tends to attack anything that is necessary to accomplish the goals that are put before him and sometimes that extends to the surronding mobs as well. He loves achievement and titles.

Bumwaller - a Druid, is aware of the nature around him. Currently specced for Feral tanking, previously has been Resto and Balance both. He tends to only kill what is necessary, nothing else. Swoops in with flight form does what needs to be done and get back out. Doesn't look for a fight, but doens't back down if one comes along. Only has one title - Guardian of Cenarius, and that pretty much sums it up.

Gugalana - a Death Knight, is my newest toon and still kinda bitter about his position in life. He knows he is not really in alignment with nature and has done some horrible things, which he now regrets. However, he is still pretty angry and takes it out on pretty much everything he sees. NPCs, mobs, snakes, squirrels, you name it. He had lots of animosity to deal with and is not doing a great job of it.

That's the basics - not super fleshed out, but the attitudes I take when I play those toons. How about the rest of you?