The Good and the Bad

First - the Good. I got my flight form back on Bumwaller, makes herbing soo much easier.

Now - the Bad. Well, kinda Bad. A number of Limited Warranty members have moved along to more progression minded guilds. They did so with my blessing and on good terms. As I stated in the guild forums:

Unfortunatley, I think this might be when the warranty runs out for a number of players. Chances are good that my playtime is going to be dropping significantly over the next few months and I don't want you guys to be held back. In a few weeks I will be turning 40 years old, spring is coming and I have other commitments that are more important to me than the game right now. I appreciate the fact that you are discussing this on the guild forums and I have really enjoyed playing with you guys. It was a good run and we had a great guild full of awesome professional players. I encourage you to leave alts here and stay in touch with those who do not move on.

I really do wish them all the luck in the world, they are skilled players who take time to learn fights and get geared and ready to go. The guild they are moving to, ONSLAUGHT, has a lot of great people as well and I think it's going to be a good fit for them. I did some raids with them recently as an additional healer and it was a well run raid.

I guess I knew this was a possibility when I named the guild Limited Warranty, it was for me and my friends to have a place to chat and hang out in game. Now, many of the founding members of the guild are contemplating quitting the game.

As for me...the autobilling is turned off, April 29 is the expiration date. The problem now is, what do I do with my time after my projects are over? Any suggestions?


State of the Toons update

To help with my burnout and the massive time sink this game has become, I have tried to casually level my old main -Bumwaller, the Resto Druid, who is now specced as a Moonkin.

So far it has been pretty easy going and I have him up to 75 and I'm about halfway to 76. I can't wait to get the ability to fly again - I miss Flight Form herbalism. Being able to swoop in and pick what I need and get the hell out, without fighting anything if I don't want to, is awesome.

Okole - the Resto Shammy has been filling in as a raid healer in Naxx 25 and OS 25. I have gotten some nice gear upgrades and had fun running with ONSLAUGHT. They are a great bunch of guys and run the raids professionally. My problem is that I'm not sure I am cut out to be a raider, or at least a progression raider. Time will tell on this one - if I miss raiding, thne I will know.

Namenivob - the Hunter, just doing some randon DE work, no leveling at all.

Badhoof - the DK, just can't seem to get the hang of playing a DK. I may delete him and be done with it.

So that's it. I'm feeling kinda burned out still, but I like the game and I'm trying to find the balance that keeps me playing, but not feeling burned out. Can I find the balance?