Well, that sucked...

So the attempt to get the guild back on track was a fantastic failure.

When I logged in to start the raid invites, I saw a number of people in battlegrounds and a couple in Gruul's Lair. Okay, I can see the draw of Gruul, but the guild run was posted on the website (which most are too freaking lazy to look at) and in the guild message of the day. After 35 minutes of trying to get the run together I called it off out of frustration. The raid makeup was not good for Karazhan anyway, and only 1 healer (me) so it was probably better that way.

I logged off in frustration and went to eat ice cream.

I don't know what the next step is. All I really do know is that I am unhappy with the current state of the guild and the loyalty, or lack thereof, of some of the members.


Shaman at 40

I stayed up WAY too late Saturday night into Sunday morning to get my Shaman to level 40.

A lot of awesome things at level 40 for Shaman:

  1. Mail Armor - This greatly increases my armor choices, not I just need to find some with the right attributes. I am thinking the "...of the Gorilla" stuff will be good for now, Strength and Intellect. Maybe I can get some cheap Stamina enchants from leveling enchanters to help out as well.
  2. Dual Wield - I can't wait to try this out on some mobs. With Windfury on both weapons, I should have deadly potential.
  3. Chain Heal - I want to try this out and see if it really is as great as everyone says. I've been in raids with my Resto Druid and have seen Resto Shaman using it, looks pretty interesting. I'll just have to find a group that is willing to let an Enhancement Shaman heal them, maybe a grinding group.
  4. Kodo - I get the mount on this toon too. Ghost Wolf is nice, but a Tauren belongs on a Kodo.
Time for some sleep.



Q: How do you tell if a Tree of Life Druid is male or female?
A: Check it for nuts.

Getting the guild back on track

So, lately my guild has been really unfocused and I'm trying to get everyone back on track and working as a team again.

Limited Warranty is a smaller guild and we originally formed as a break off of a couple other guilds that had turned into social and leveling guilds. Those guilds weren't even running 5 mans anymore and I was frustrated, so I ponied up the gold and started a guild with my real life friends to run 5 mans, gear up to heroics and, in our wildest dreams, get into 10 man raiding. We got some really good people in the "defection" and added some more soon after. It was great to be in dungeons again and we progressed along nicely. We got into Karazhan a couple months ago and made it to Shade of Aran...then it happened.

It was harder to get people to get to the raid on time, repaired, with consumables for the first night of the "easy" bosses and trash. But, we worked our way through it and did okay getting upgrades for a lot of our team. Then we seemed to lose steam and people stopped showing up. Then the new Sunwell stuff came along and everyone started doing the dailies and Magister's Terrace - but not as a guild.

I need to get everyone back on track, whatever that is going to be. So, I've scheduled a couple nights of Kara to hopefully get everyone back into the raiding spirit and regain some unity in the guild. I hope it goes well...


An introduction...

This is the time when I post who I am, what I am doing in Warcraft and my motivation behind the blog?

Okay, here goes.

I play Horde, currently on the Vashj (PvP, US) server, and I have all Tauren characters - hence the "For the Herd". I have one of every playable class that a Tauren can choose. My main is a level 70 restoration Druid. I also have a level 57 Hunter, level 38 Shaman and a lowly level 6 Warrior.

I am in the process of leveling the Shaman as enhancement now and use the Druid for guild instances and raid healing. The hunter is pretty much my bank alt, but I do get out and help guildies and grind occasionally. I want to level the warrior some more, but the hybrids have so much more appeal for me that I find it difficult to play the warrior. I will attempt to give it more attention in the future, but I just don't see that one getting to 70.

So - what is this blog all about?

This is mostly going to be about my experiences in World of Warcraft, but there may be some other info thrown in for good measure. If you want to get to know about me - go over to my other blog, this one is mostly WoW stuff.