I feel a little like a traitor

Ya, I've still been playing - but I am playing on the side of the enemy. My playtime lately has been occupied by a Draenei Shaman on a PvE server. I'm leveling as enhancement this time and sitting at level 38, almost to dual wielding and wearing mail. I'm having fun learning the enhancement playstyle and going through the alliance quests, after leveling the Taurens for most of my WoW time, it's a welcome change.

I still miss the guys in Limited Warranty and hop over there every once in a while to do some dailies and chat with whoever is there, but I'm pretty much maxed out on what I can do unless I try to get into raiding again and I just can't invest that much time right now.

So...I'm still playing, but very casually and on the "other side".


Guess what....

I didn't quit playing after all. Nope, I am still a Warcraft addict and I'm okay with admitting it.

As it turns out, I actually still do enjoy playing and I missed it for the few days that I let my account lapse. So, no matter what anyone says to make me feel bad about it, I am still going to do what ever the heck I want to do.

A lot of my real life friends have quit playing, but for me it's still a good escape from the day to day boredom that always seems to set in. There are only a few shows on TV that I enjoy watching, and after that TV seems like a waste of my time...or an equal waste that WoW provides. There is the draw of neighbors and outside work, and I will still be doing that, WoW has never really interferred with that part of my life anyway.

I will be playing my mains, and I have started an Alliance toon as well, until I am ready to quit on my own terms.