What's been happening...

Druid - Working on the Onyxia attunement with the guild's main tank, and a few others coming along for different stages, for the fun of it. We ran with a 65 shadow priest through the first part of UBRS and then he had to leave. So a Resto Druid and Prot Warrior cleared the rest of the instance. We couldn't quite down the final boss, but we got one more stage of the attunement quest done. Then fly all over the dang place and got sent right back into UBRS. We'll do that again soon.

Shaman - I hit 55 on the Shaman, finally can use all the potions and elixirs I can make with the Druid. I'm still specced as Enhancement, but that may change. We still don't have a lot of healers in the guild, and I enjoy the healing role, so I might spec to Resto. We will be getting back into raiding with WotLK so I'll assess the situation further later on.

Hunter - this guy is my level 60 bank alt lately. Making some money with enchanting/disenchanting and tailoring. Not much else to say.

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