I'm having an identity crisis

When I started playing the game, during my trial period, I had a rogue and only got to level 20 or so on whatever realm I got assigned to. Then the people who introduced me to Warcraft told me what realm they played on and I rolled a hunter there. That was my "main" for quite a while until we needed an additional healer in the guild and I decided to try a druid. I fell in love with the playstyle of the balance tree and my "main" became the druid and I leveled him to 70. At some point I got bored and rolled a shaman to level as an alt. I leveled him to 70 as well. So, now I find myself logging into the shaman far more often that the druid. With the shaman, I can still heal when we go into dungeons and I can DPS when needed. I seem to be enjoying playing the shaman more, but I still like the druid.

The question then arises...who is my "main"? I'm starting to feel that it has become Okole, the shaman. Not by choice, but in practice, it just kind of happened. I am feeling a bit of guilt over this, like I'm having an affair. Have any of you ever felt this way?

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