Catching Up

Well, it's been a week or so since the Wrath install and I have no posted anything about what I've been doing, so it's time to catch up.

Okole - Level 74. The Shaman has been my main so far in Wrath and is now at level 74 and making good steady progress. I'm not beating any speed records in leveling, but that is the way I play. I've done all of Howling Fjord, a beautiful place to level. I'm about half way the way through Borean Tundra, focusing on the Coldarra quests.

I have run Utgarde Keep a number of times and The Nexus only once. Both instances were pretty fun, not too much trash and the boss fights had some challenges, but not insanely difficult. I still have not upgraded a lot of gear, a few sidegrades here and there but nothing major. Some of the crew I usually run with have started to replace gear and I hope to soon - I really like the look of the Northrend armor.

I have been healing most of the runs, I have come up with a hybrid build that still allows me to do decent solo damage to quest and be viable in the instances - currently 40/0/25, working to 41/0/30 - this seems to be working okay for me and I will tweak as necessary. I really hope they deliver on the dual spec idea so I can go a little deeper in Resto for heroics and raids at 80.

Bumwaller - Level 70. Parked in Warsong Hold gathering rest. I should get him going so I can get Alchemy/Herb up and make some potions and elixirs for the guild.

Namenivob - Level 60. Parked in Shattrath. Just not having a lot of fun playing him right now.

Badhoof - Level 55 Death Knight. Parked in Ebon Hold gathering rest. Ya, I made one. I haven't done anything with it, but I might if I get bored.

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