I believe I can fly!

I recently dinged 77 and spent my cash for the Cold Weather Flying. It feels good to fly again, of course the first thing I did was head to the Icecrown Citadel. I flew around the horseshoe approaching from the north. Holy Carp! - I got goosebumps flying up to The Conflagration. It is that damn epic. The look is a little bit of a ripoff of the Lord of the Rings movies, but it is still freaking cool. It really feels like we are in for something huge as the patches come in and add more and more content until we get to face Arthas himself.

I'm not one to geek out on the lore normally, but I am really enjoying the story and progression of the quests. The Old Gods, the Titans, all the dragons in their "human" forms - I'm digging all of it.

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