Still undecided

I still don't know exactly what to do as far as my account goes. Over the past week I PUGged OS and Naxx 25 and had a lot of fun, even though the Naxx group couldn't get past Patchwerk and was kinda disorganized. The chaos was kinda nice and it passed the time well.

I have a feeling that I will continue the account but limit the playtime to times when everyone else is watching TV or projects are finished. I have a number of projects planned for the outside of the house and yard, so that should keep me busy for a while.

My future game direction is probably achievements, 5 man guild runs and PUGging raids when I am needed and have the time to commit. Right now I am leaning that way - but that is still subject to change.

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Burgess said...

I think I'm just gonna do some stuff here and there. I seem to have found a good pug of 25 naxx on thursdays with a bunch of guys from onslaught and others so Ill probly stick with that and just play the rest as i go.