Guess what....

I didn't quit playing after all. Nope, I am still a Warcraft addict and I'm okay with admitting it.

As it turns out, I actually still do enjoy playing and I missed it for the few days that I let my account lapse. So, no matter what anyone says to make me feel bad about it, I am still going to do what ever the heck I want to do.

A lot of my real life friends have quit playing, but for me it's still a good escape from the day to day boredom that always seems to set in. There are only a few shows on TV that I enjoy watching, and after that TV seems like a waste of my time...or an equal waste that WoW provides. There is the draw of neighbors and outside work, and I will still be doing that, WoW has never really interferred with that part of my life anyway.

I will be playing my mains, and I have started an Alliance toon as well, until I am ready to quit on my own terms.


Burgess said...

Im switching Drek back to Warranty... if you will let me. Im sick and tired of the guys at ONSLAUGHT. I mean they are great guys, but its become like a job with them - raiding 9-5 etc.
I want to come back to the simple stuff, i LIKE playing with you guys.

Bumwaller said...

You are always welcome.