I have been neglecting the blog

I kinda suck - I have not been keeping up with the blogging on my toons, and I'm not terribly sure why. I have some ideas and some "excuses", but no solid reasons.

Keeping in the "in-game" vein, I just haven't been motivated to write about what is going on until now. The good thing about that is that I don't have a large group of dedicated readers, actually I'm not sure I have any. No matter, I mostly just write this blog for a few friends and to have an outlet for my thoughts.

There are a few things going on and I will write on them very soon, but mostly I have just been doing a boring grind of professions and dailies for the Argent Tournament to make some gold and keep have something to do.

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Burgess said...

I like to see where everyone I once played with is at - this is my best (only) source of info :P