The return of Bumwaller, with a new focus

I recently began playing Bumwaller, my Druid again.

When I resumed playing him again we had a decent percentage of healers, so I decided to try something I have never really done before...feral spec. Specifically, a tanking spec. I spent some fairly significant gold on crafting some gear and buying some BoE pieces that I found on the Auction House.

I found a decent post on pre-raid gearing over at Three Druid Noob that helped me determine what pieces to shoot for.

I also consulted the Big Bear Butt Blogger for help with specs and rotations, still waiting on part 2 of that one.

I gemmed everything up with some +24 stamina gems, then went to the Argent Tournament to get enough Champion Seals to buy a Staff of Feral Furies, and threw a Moongoose enchant on it, pretty high on the tanking lists that I have found. I still need to get some better rings and enchant the gear a little more. And, of course, run some more instances to get some better gear.

With my renewed interest in my Druid, I decided to get the Guardian of Cenarius title mostly because I think it looks awesome over the head of a Druid and also because I really had been neglecting the title gathering on this Druid.

I had done quite a bit of running the Coilfang instances back in the day, so it only took a couple of heroic runs to get Exalted with the Cenarion Expedition. I started out with the intention of soloing Underbog in bear form, which seemed to work just fine for me. The mobs had a hard time hitting me though, so it was hard to generate rage unless I pulled a pack of 3 or 4. I started pulling and playing with getting my fingers used to the new keybindings and was having a lot of fun. Shortly after, Ariki showed up and we decided to try out his new Arms build and we ended up duoing it instead of soloing, we followed up with heroic Slave Pens and then the next night did Underbog and part of Steam Vaults until I hit Exalted. Easy as pie.

Now, the daunting part - I was only Friendly with the Cenarion Circle. I never did much questing out in Silithus, Outland was too much of a draw and I just went to Hellfire as soon as I could. A few days of pretty boring grinding on the Twilight mobs and turning in Encrypted Twilight Texts and I had ripped through the reputation and had my title. I am a happy bear!

I am feeling pretty good about my gear right now and getting more comfortable with bear rotations, I think I am ready to try some Northrend heroics, maybe Utgarde Keep or Nexus. I have successfully tanked regular Culling of Stratholme and the guys were comfortable with my threat generation and we did fine.

So - that wall of text pretty much catches you up with what I have been doing lately. I'm still on the grind and switched things up a little to keep it interesting.

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