Lots of changes

Reposting this from WoWHead -

  • MP5 = GONE! Replaced with spirit, which will now be mana regen only—and non healers will have ZERO need for it.
  • Spell Power = GONE! Replaced with Intellect, which now grants mana AND spell power.
  • Attack Power = GONE! Agility now gives 2 ap for rogues, hunters, shamans, and druids!
  • Defense = GONE! Tanks now receive ALL their anti-crit from talents!
  • Armor Penetration = GONE! Replaced with "Masteries" through the talent trees!
  • Block Value = GONE! Blocks will now be a REAL mitigation stat, preventing a % of incoming damage!
  • Soul Shards = GONE! Will be replaced with a functionality more like DK runes, where you can use a "Soul Burn" spell once per shard per battle—and Soul Burn will increase the effectiveness of your NEXT spell a la Amplify Curse. Fears might become Instant, Searing Pains might have free crits, Death Coils might have increased Horrify duration, etc.
  • Hunter Mana = GONE! Will be replaced with "Focus", which is similar to rogue energy, but regens faster when you use Steady Shot.
  • Hunter Ammo = GONE! Replaced with an item, not a consumable!

I mean, damn, I like it being simplified - but good golly. That is a lot of changes.

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