this is kinda fun

I'm really kind of enjoying this bear tanking phase I have been in. Tonight I was able to tank Heroic Violet Hold and Heroic Nexus. Not the most challenging of the heroic dungeons, I know. But they were my first two heroic tanking opportunities and I took them.

I really had a lot of fun, I avoided playing feral at all for a long time, but I'm having a blast with it right now. It is just the change of pace I needed to keep me interested in WoW right now.

First up, Violet Hold with 3 guildies. We never did get a 5th to run with us, so we just did it with 4. Pretty smooth run, we got the water boss and the the big eye of the beholder. Handled both with ease and moved on to Cyanigosa, everything was going great until...somehow I shifted out of bear form and couldn't seem to get back in. We wiped on the big dragon. So we regrouped and went again, I hate doing VH the second time. All the same effort and no reward for doing it. We took down Cyanigosa on the second try and I got Staff of Trickery.

So we were willing to keep going and we picked up a DK from another guild and ran through Heroic Nexus. We had a little problem with a fear wipe on the extra boss and wiped twice trying to do Chaos Theory. No loot for me, but it was the daily so I got a couple Emblems.

I had a blast - I'm liking tanking with my face.

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