Getting the guild back on track

So, lately my guild has been really unfocused and I'm trying to get everyone back on track and working as a team again.

Limited Warranty is a smaller guild and we originally formed as a break off of a couple other guilds that had turned into social and leveling guilds. Those guilds weren't even running 5 mans anymore and I was frustrated, so I ponied up the gold and started a guild with my real life friends to run 5 mans, gear up to heroics and, in our wildest dreams, get into 10 man raiding. We got some really good people in the "defection" and added some more soon after. It was great to be in dungeons again and we progressed along nicely. We got into Karazhan a couple months ago and made it to Shade of Aran...then it happened.

It was harder to get people to get to the raid on time, repaired, with consumables for the first night of the "easy" bosses and trash. But, we worked our way through it and did okay getting upgrades for a lot of our team. Then we seemed to lose steam and people stopped showing up. Then the new Sunwell stuff came along and everyone started doing the dailies and Magister's Terrace - but not as a guild.

I need to get everyone back on track, whatever that is going to be. So, I've scheduled a couple nights of Kara to hopefully get everyone back into the raiding spirit and regain some unity in the guild. I hope it goes well...

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