Shaman at 40

I stayed up WAY too late Saturday night into Sunday morning to get my Shaman to level 40.

A lot of awesome things at level 40 for Shaman:

  1. Mail Armor - This greatly increases my armor choices, not I just need to find some with the right attributes. I am thinking the "...of the Gorilla" stuff will be good for now, Strength and Intellect. Maybe I can get some cheap Stamina enchants from leveling enchanters to help out as well.
  2. Dual Wield - I can't wait to try this out on some mobs. With Windfury on both weapons, I should have deadly potential.
  3. Chain Heal - I want to try this out and see if it really is as great as everyone says. I've been in raids with my Resto Druid and have seen Resto Shaman using it, looks pretty interesting. I'll just have to find a group that is willing to let an Enhancement Shaman heal them, maybe a grinding group.
  4. Kodo - I get the mount on this toon too. Ghost Wolf is nice, but a Tauren belongs on a Kodo.
Time for some sleep.

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