Well, that sucked...

So the attempt to get the guild back on track was a fantastic failure.

When I logged in to start the raid invites, I saw a number of people in battlegrounds and a couple in Gruul's Lair. Okay, I can see the draw of Gruul, but the guild run was posted on the website (which most are too freaking lazy to look at) and in the guild message of the day. After 35 minutes of trying to get the run together I called it off out of frustration. The raid makeup was not good for Karazhan anyway, and only 1 healer (me) so it was probably better that way.

I logged off in frustration and went to eat ice cream.

I don't know what the next step is. All I really do know is that I am unhappy with the current state of the guild and the loyalty, or lack thereof, of some of the members.

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