An introduction...

This is the time when I post who I am, what I am doing in Warcraft and my motivation behind the blog?

Okay, here goes.

I play Horde, currently on the Vashj (PvP, US) server, and I have all Tauren characters - hence the "For the Herd". I have one of every playable class that a Tauren can choose. My main is a level 70 restoration Druid. I also have a level 57 Hunter, level 38 Shaman and a lowly level 6 Warrior.

I am in the process of leveling the Shaman as enhancement now and use the Druid for guild instances and raid healing. The hunter is pretty much my bank alt, but I do get out and help guildies and grind occasionally. I want to level the warrior some more, but the hybrids have so much more appeal for me that I find it difficult to play the warrior. I will attempt to give it more attention in the future, but I just don't see that one getting to 70.

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