Blizzard Authenticator

Yep, got it Friday and set it up Friday night. The setup process took about 2 minutes...that's it. You go to the Blizzard website, login to Account Management, click the link for the Blizzard Authenticator, enter the number on the back of your particular authenticator and you're done.

Now when you login with username and password, a second screen pops up, you push the button on the authenticator and enter the 6 digit code that is shown on the authenticator screen and you are in. It adds 10-15 seconds to the login process.

This seems like a success and the only downside so far is that the Blizzard store keeps selling out of the fobs.

What amazes me about the whole thing is that this game may be deploying the most secure access to a public resource that has ever been done at this scale. Now the companies providing secure for "real" assets need to start asking how they can match up with a video game's protection of "virtual" assests. I would certainly opt-in to something like this if it was offered by my bank for secure online account access...so why don't they offer it?

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