Having some fun...

Lately it seems that the Guild had kinda stalled out and people really weren't doing too much together. I have been leveling the Shaman and doing some dailies to keep the gold supply up and that seemed to be what most of the others were doing too. Leveling alts or trying to get their mains up to 70. Mostly we seemed to be playing the game in 'single player mode'.

I'm not sure if it is the news of the Wrath beta or just the winding down of Summer - seems weird to say that - or just that some of them needed a break. Whatever it was seems to be lifting a little bit and we have tried to get some instance runs in to shake off the rust and boost our faction rep to get additional recipes or rewards.

After out latest run through Shattered Halls, I was reminded how much fun I have running instances with my friends. I just so happens that of the 5 of us in the run, I work with 3 of them and the 4th is the wife of one of those. It makes the run a lot of fun. I know that even if one of us screws up or causes a wipe there will only be good-natured kidding and no real drama. Our main tank Warrior, Rogue and Druid healer(me) were all level 70 Kara geared. We had our returning prodigal Boomkin, who should have been in Kara gear but sharded it all when he 'quit playing', and a 67 Shadow Priest who tried to keep their DPS up as best they could. Ya, we wiped a few times and had some problems with the final boss - but I had a blast and it was well worth the repair cost to run with my friends.

I wish we could find another group of players who are also real life friends that we could recruit or join up with and get 2 groups going that can combine for 10 man raids in Wrath. That is my greatest hope, a small tight knit guild that I can do 10 man raids with. I am sure that the draw of a 350 person mega-guild is a good fit for some people, but I just am not that guy. I guess I will have to try to start recruiting now to try to accomplish that goal by the release of WotLK, which I estimate to be between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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