State of the Herd address for July

I ordered one of the Blizzard Authenticators this week, before they sold out, and am anxiously awaiting delivery. Obviously I am not the only one who is looking for a little more account security and I am in no way surprised by the quick sell out of this product.

On to the toons -

Bumwaller - finished the attunement process for Onyxia's Lair and Blackwing Lair. Just something we were doing to pass the time and give us something to do other than PUGging and battlegrounds. Also been doing a few dailies and picking herbs for the potions and elixirs for the leveling alts and mana pots always sell pretty good at auction.

Okole - almost level 62, should hit that this weekend if I have the time. I have been leveling in the "old world" so far, hoping that the more levels I get there will mean more time questing at 70 in Outlands., and that means more gold for a flyer. I am liking the enhancement spec, lot of burst damage and being able to heal myself on the fly is great to keep the fight going. I don't die very often and usually there is enough time in between deaths that my reincarnation is available when it happens.

Namenivob - doing the AH thing, making a few bags for friends and profit.

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