#$%&*! gankers

Maybe I'm just cranky today...more that usual, but I am so pissed at these freaking Alliance gankers lately. Now, I'm sure some Horde do it too and those that do are on my poop list too.

This is the scenario - I am questing/grinding/farming/whatever, and my health is dropping. Then I see my Combat Text pop up with Kidney Shot or Pounce and sure enough there is a Druid or Rogue attacking me from behind. Lately it seems that this happens when I am engaged with more than 1 mob to begin with. This is what makes the difference between world PvP and ganking. PvP has some measure of an honorable fight - ganking does not.

I rolled on a PvP server, which at the time I really didn't know what that meant, because some friends that recruited me to the game were already there. I have no problems with true world PvP, seeing an Alliance and facing off against him even if there is an element of surprise. It is not the reason I play the game and I prefer PvE objectives over PvP, but it's a PvP server and that is the way it it. What I dislike is the ganking - which is not PvP.

Ganking is PvEvP. Yep, Player vs. Environment vs. Player. Yeah, I just made that up. If it means so much to you to get the HK by attacking and killing me with the help of 2 other mobs, I feel kinda bad for you as a person. What do you brag about to your friends? "I killed this guy that was 2 levels higher than me while he was at half health and fighting two other mobs." Wow, you're awesome. At least wait until I kill the mobs I'm engaged with with and then pounce or kidney shot...or does that make it too fair for you?

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