Here goes nothing...

I have scheduled a guild run of Naxxramas for tonight. A lot of people have been asking about doing it and I am throwing my hat over the fence*.

I sent an invite using the in-game calendar, and the guild website, to all the level 80s in the guild. I'm hoping that everyone can show up, ready to go and we can get some raiding going. I will be very disappointed if it does not happen. I really think we have a great group of players and we can be successful - if everyone is dedicated. That might be where there is an issue.

Getting this organized has not gone as smoothly as I would like. I have gotten very few responses on raid night and time preferences. We are set for tanks and healers, but the DPS is where we are lacking. I hate to resort to PUGging it, but we may have to.

I have so many thought swirling in my head right now, and some of them will make it to this blog later tonight. Stay tuned.

* "Throwing my hat over the fence" - based on a story I heard once, don't remember where. A guy was trying to decide whether to climb over the fence (for some reason or another) and was having a hard time deciding what to do. So, on impulse he tossed his hat over the fence. Now he is left with two choices - go get it or forget about the hat. It's an expression of forcing yourself into a decision.


Claz said...

Overall, i think it was a pretty successful run, gear-check-wise. I think our biggest problem will be the same problem we had when we started Kara: people not having the willingness to work at progression (you know, wiping constantly until we get it right).

Personally, I realized that I really missed raiding on the hunter and will be shelving the rogue until Claz is raid-ready.

Bumwaller said...

I agree - I was pleasantly surprised and relieved that it went off as well as it did. I just don't think raiding is what it used to be, expectation wise. Most people expect to 1 or 2 shot a boss.