My thoughts on recent raiding

A post I made to my guild website:


After reflecting on the runs we had over the past week, I have come to the conclusion that we probably need to do some more work in heroics to farm gear and badges for gear.

If you would like to PUG the raids, you have my support. But, I'm not sure that we are totally ready to be raiding as a guild quite yet. A couple of weeks of heroics should make a HUGE difference for all of us.

Recruiting is also something that will need to be focused on and I have made a macro that I will be using when I'm around the major cities. I will post it if you want to see it and use it as a template. We have 8 solid players, and 3 or 4 that are possibles based on their schedules, so we really only need to recruit a few more. Another healer, or a respec from the guild, and DPS with CC are our main needs at this point.

What do you think?

I got positive feedback on this post and we have tried a few more heroics. I am always struggling with where a casual guild stops and a progression guild starts. And where do I wanna be, anyway? With a small guild am I being unrealistic with my expectations?

I really like the crew I am playing with and I want everyone to be happy with the content we are doing, and still maintain the balance we have had. I guess it comes down to the fact that I like the people better than the content.

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