I love my guildies

Our regular OT and I decided to run some Heroic Violet Hold to break up our boredom....bad idea. We got one of those PUGs. You know the one, where the guy barely breaking 1K DPS is harassing the tank and healer and telling us we aren't doing the instance right. He went so far to say that I should go back and do it on regular to learn the fights.

Now, I'm not "pro" or "elite" of any of that, but I am a solid healer. I don't like being called out like that by a Unholy DK only doing 1100DPS. I know he should be doing better, our DKs pump out high mid 2000s regularly.

That wasn't the point of the post, really. The point is this - I love running with my guild, there is no venom or belittling each other. I don't understand why people do it, but I'm glad my crew doesn't.

So for those Limited Warranty guys who might read this - Thank you for being so professional and awesome.


Claz said...

You started the guild, which meant you laid the groundwork on the atmosphere of LW. Just pointing that out :)

BTW- we're professional and cool and all, except when certain DKs are bitchy and have to log before spewing verbal venom on /gchat... :P

Bumwaller said...

You know what? That is part of being professional that I was talking about.