Patch 3.1 PTR Notes

Moving one step closer, the PTR notes are up for 3.1

This is the patch that will bring us dual specs and make me a very happy Resto Shaman, with an Elemental leaning. Most of my gear should translate pretty well between both specs and I have been consulting lootrank.com to put together a shopping list of DPS-centric gear as I go along.

It looks like the cost for getting your dual spec will be 1,000G, which is about what I had figured. Not a trivial amount, but most 80s won't have a problem handing it over to gain a second spec. I'm wondering if we might be able to add slots later, like we do with our bank? I would envision that cost going up incrementally to obtain each additional slot.

Matthew Rossi at wowinsider.com wrote a great article on the propsed changes, which you can find here.

It looks like Shamans are getting some love, no major nerfs to the way I play. I am not a huge raider, so the Bloodlust change (5 min CD, 10 min Debuff) is not critical to me. Usually we only use it at the final few percentage of the boss fights to speed it up a bit. That may change and will affect hardcore raiders and 25 man progression guilds a lot more that it does for me.

All in all, I like what I am seeing for this patch so far.

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