Over the fence we went

We made it over the fence!

Only 9 showed up for the Naxx run, but that is a significant portion of our small guild. Almost everyone was on time-ish, repaired, ready to go.

There was some confusion on where to start, so we tried the first spider boss - I forget the name. We took 3 shots at him with the 9 we had, only Mishandala and me healing. We only got him to around 50% and decided to move into the plague quarter.

Noth the Plaguebringer went down easily for us and Kariki and Mishandala were able to grab some nice upgrades. The night ended shortly after that, as 2 of our team had to study for midterms - eduation comes first.

Overall I was pleased with our performance and we downed a boss. I know some of you laugh and say Naxx is EZMode, but we are pretty casual and didn't raid a lot in BC either. I am proud of the crew that went and we will be downing more bosses in the near future.

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