Not what I had hoped for

We did a guild run of Heroic Nexus - easy mode right? Not so much, we wiped on the Mage chick 3 times...3 freaking times. I hadn't wiped on her since we did it the first time. And then she didn't even drop the bracers that I keep running that place to get. I was just not on my game, and neither was the tank. We seemed to be fighting our instincts and thinking too much about what to do next. That is not the way I usually play, I am much more instinctive.

The good news, though, is our newest 80 Mage got a couple upgrades while we were in there, so it's not all bad.

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Burgess said...

I have to say - ive been having ALOT fo trouble doing Nexus lately. I don't know why, it just seems like alot of wipes happen in there. I actually got included on a run by that guild costco pizza which I THINK is #3 on our server and man it was fast, but even still we wiped once - and thats with some crazy geared ppl with ALOT of experience and skills playing. I wouldnt think too much of it.