Deadmines - I wanna be a pirate

I was bored the other night and decided I would run Deadmines and try to get Defias Rapier for my "pirate" around town outfit. I ran all the instance all the way to the end, just to do it and disenchanted all the boss drops. There are only 2 mobs in Deadmines that drop that rapier and they are adds to the 1st boss. I reset the instance went in again, killed them and the rapier did not drop. I kept doing this until it wouldn't let me back in due to too many instances in the allotted time frame.

Still no drops.

Bit I did get Blackwater Cutlass, 2 of them, and I actually think they are slightly more pirate-y. I put a Minor Beastslayer enchant on to give them a slight red glow. Oh yeah - I got a Green Wing Macaw drop too.

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