Leaked Wrath of the Lich King?

A lot of information is floating around the web and blogosphere lately in regards to the new expansion. This includes new talents, spells, abilities and even screenshots of what appears to be in game footage of toons using the new abilities in the new zones.

What this means is either -
A) Some "friends and family" are not following the NDA that we have been told they are required to sign
- or -
B) this is a calculated move on the part of Blizzard to keep people interested and build hype for WotLK with Age of Conan coming out this week.

I'll leave it up to you to decide for yourselves how much of this information is accurate or whether you believe it is an elaborate hoax. There does seem to be some very interesting talents and changes that address a lot of concerns that certain classes have had in the past. Looking at it from a resto Druid perspective, I like what I see so far. There is no Shaman information in the leaks yet, but I'm sure we will see it eventually (unless Blizzard sends the lawyers after the sites that are still posting this information).

Keep in mind though, even if it is a legitimate leak, a lot can change between an alpha and what we actually get at release.

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