Transition to a "Social" Guild

As I have noted previously, the attempts to get the guild back into 10 man content were unsuccessful. I have decided, with support of the co-leaders, to transition the guild to a more social atmosphere. We may do some instances and fill in raid spots when needed, but I will not be planning any additional raids until the Fall.

Today, 3 of my class leaders pulled their mains from the guild to join an up and coming raiding guild. I wish them luck, I really do. I have gotten to know them as individuals and I will miss them. They have decided to leave the alts in "our" guild and will be playing, leveling and chatting as before and using the mains to raid.

"Limited Warranty" is the name of the guild and it is living up to it's name. And you know what - after a period of soul searching - I'm okay with that.

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Claz said...

Bum, I think this is the right move. We had a nice brush with raiding but the nasty side came out too quickly.

Ah well.