Thoughts on Lich King info

By now most people have seen, or heard from friends, a lot of the details that are circulating about the upcoming expansion. There is something for everyone to get excited about among all that information, I'm sure.

So, what am I most geeked about seeing? It would have to be the 10-man raid versions for all raids in the game. I prefer a small tight knit guild and part of the reason our guild has faltered of late is the 25-man progression. I think a lot of smaller "social guilds" will welcome this change more than many others - and there are a LOT of changes.

There have been concerns that this change defeats some of the accomplishment of downing a boss with 25 players when you can down the same boss with 10 players. It has been stated that the loot tables will be separate between the versions, so for those that want the best gear the 25s will still be the target.

From a business standpoint, I think this is a great move on the part of Blizzard. I personally know of many players who have quit the game because they felt phased out of the game. These are the players that run 5 mans, heroics and 10 man raids - but can't dedicate the time required by most 25 man raiding guilds.

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