A little fun in Ramparts

The guild's level 70 rogue, and Bumwaller, my 70 Druid, ran two guildies through Ramparts last night and had a blast. One was the main of our resident altoholic, finally getting his first toon to 60 and the other was the 60 Mage alt of our main tank. We only had one death, which was mostly my fault on a late heal. Overall though I had a blast, I knew there would be no gear for me and I didn't care. There was so much less stress than healing the raids lately.

I finally got a bit of fun in again. I kind of poorly tanked, healed and finished 2nd in DPS behind our rogue. But, I did get a stack or two of Runecloth for my bank alt tailor and a couple greens to disenchant.

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