Level 49 Battlegrounds = suck

I though I would start the battleground mark grind a little earlier on the Shaman than I had on the Druid. With Bumwaller I really didn't do any BGs unit I has 70 and then I did the honor grind for marks for the mount raptor mount and the Vindicator set. I never have done it with Namenivob, I'm just not a PvP guy unless I see the goal of it...gear usually, and I like the Black War Raptor for my Tauren herd.

I went in to Warsong Gulch at 49 with Okole, figuring I was the top of the bracket and it shouldn't be too bad. Ha. I got pounded by all the 49 twinks in there, which surprised me a bit. I thought, wrongly, that the twinking stopped at 19 and 29. I was wrong.

Apparently these 49 twinks are toons that people got tired of leveling so they twink them out. level 49 is high enough to get a formidable PvP spec and completely "pwn" the casual PvP player looking for honor.

I will be leveling and doing the grind later, or at least movig to Arathi Basin or Alterac Valley to see if they are better.

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