Shaman - Windfury freaking rocks

I have been leveling the Shaman lately and let me tell you - I love Windfury. I haven't played melee classes much and that in itself is pretty different, but when Windfury procs on mainhand AND offhand strikes - awesome!

My plan is to level to 60-65 with the enhancement spec and then see what I want to do when I get more serious about instances and maybe raiding with this toon. I already have Bumwaller to handle the heals and usually take him raiding. Fewer groups seem to want the melee DPS lately though, so maybe I will go Elemental with Okole. Either way, I'll probably drop some points into resto so I can fill in as an off healer when needed. I guess I'll wait and see when the time comes and what the guild status is at that point.

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