Ding 67!

Okole managed to ding 67 while questing in Terrokar Forest, much earlier than I did with Bumwaller. I'm not sure if it's because I've done these quests before or what, but the leveling has seemed pretty easy from 65 on. I got a little discouraged between 60 and 65, maybe because of the the accelerated leveling from 20 to 60 ending and the XP requirements going up, but that seems to have passed now.

My gear is still not great, I really haven't run any dungeons for upgrades lately due to our lack of tanks and the guild shrinkage. I've got some ideas on how to improve this that I'm mulling over in my head and I just haven't put them into action yet. I need to dwell on them for a few more days to make sure it really is what I want to do and then I'll give it a shot.

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