A final push for the Shaman

Okay - so I've been pounding away with my Shaman to make sure I can get him to 70 before the Lich King shows up and forces me to level some more. I have been using Jame's Leveling Guides to help my optimize my play time and I am now only 50% of a level away from dinging the big Seven-Oh.

I am really digging the Elemental spec. I played my Druid as Moonkin when he was DPS so I guess that is defines my play style. Nuke 'em at range and melee/instant cast when they get close. It is pretty easy for me to switch to healing when needed to patch myself up or for group quests. I am going to try to keep the Shaman as DPS, but I am collecting some healing pieces in case I need to main heal.

Trying to gather all the mats I can to level my leatherworking and get the Netherstrike and Netherfury sets for the move into Northrend and maybe to make a Clefthoof set for the Druid to try some tanking - just for fun and to let our tanks run instances with their alts.

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