To have a little bit of fun I am putting together a leveling contest over at Limited Warranty. I hope to keep people interested and retain some guild continuity while maybe filling some gaps that we currently have in the guild. I have encouraged people to pick classes that they normally do not play so hopefully we'll end up with some options for healers and tanks in the end.

It's gonna be a race from 20 to 60 with rewards at every 10 level increment. At that point maybe the person will want to keep going to 70 and we will have them as an option in Wrath.

Out recruiting efforts seem to be going nowhere, which is depressing. Ultimately I want 12-15 players that have a mix of toons that can fill multiple roles. That should allow us to do instances and 10-man raiding and keep the small unit dynamic going. Maybe I am hoping for too much, but that is my vision.

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