gah - nothing interesting to post about.

I am trying to finish leveling my Shaman to 70.

I haven't logged into my resto Druid in over 2 weeks, but probably should to do a couple dailies.

Having a little bit of fun with my noob Warrior, but am not leveling terribly quickly and I'm falling behind in the "leveling contest". The contest is essentially me getting my ass kicked by the guild's co-leader who levels faster than anyone I personally know.

And that is about it - I haven't been keeping up with all the beta news, but I think I'll try to wade through my RSS reader and see if there is anything that jumps out at me.

I'm so bored, I'm thinking of PUGging some instances just to do something different. Maybe a respec?

Our guild is dead quiet - I hope people come back to playing now that Summer is ending and the expansion is on the horizon.

But maybe that is the problem, too much information about the expansion. People are just not wanting to do much of anything as far as instance runs or even Kara raiding. Maybe they don't want to work on gear that is just going to get replaced, but damn I'm starting to feel a bit rusty at the skills I will need to run things in the future. I like some of the new talents and skills that I am seeing and I want to try them out, but that time is not here yet. Hopefully this will all get better in a couple months when I can hang out in Northrend. I sure hope so, because this kinda sucks right now.

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