Now what?

I did it, I got Okole to level 70. This is my second 70 and it went a lot faster than the first time around. I'm guessing partly because I knew what the quests held and because I had another toon to raise money with to get the things I needed. Oh yeah - and I followed a leveling guide. I have noticed a lot of people using Quest Helper lately, but I haven't tried it myself yet.

I'm wondering what to do now. I am scoring the wikis and various gear sites to find out where the upgrades to my Elemental set are and where to get some decent Resto pieces for when I am needed to heal. I'm also looking very closely at putting together a Feral tanking set for Bumwaller and learning how to tank. Then I, the real me, should be able to fill any spot the guild needs with those 2 characters. 2 Healer, 1 Tank, 1 DPS and numerous hybrid build to choose from.

But, the first thing I'm gonna do is go get a flying mount, off to Shaowmoon Valley.

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Claz said...

Got the druid transfered and got three levels done tonight.

I'll power-level him as soon as I can to get ready for tanking. :)